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NYC, SF Art Shows + Where I'll be at NYCC [Feb. 3rd, 2009|12:51 pm]

Dear Comrades,

This week is going to be busy!


I have a bunch of my Box pieces in "Pin It Up, Babycakes," a show of pinup art at 111 Minna in San Fransisco this weekend. Alice Stribling and Jessica Whiteside are brlliant up and coming curators, and I'm very proud to be in the show.

Runs February 5th-28th

111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco

Gallery contact:

Gabe Scott


Opening Night is February 5th

6pm - late

Burlesque starts at 9pm

$5 at 9pm


• Outstanding art and photography by some of the most talented artists working within this genre

• Red hot merchandise for you or your Valentine’s Day sweetie which will turn any lovely lady into an instant pinup star

• Burlesque performances complete with fashion show by our sponsor Dollhouse Bettie Lingerie

• Thee Merry Widows will rock out with their boobage out at midnight


In NYC, I also have a piece in "All that Glitters Is Gold," at McCaig Welles Gallery.

It's one of my gold leaf pieces, appropriately.

A Group ShowAll That Glitters is GoldOpening:

McCaig Welles

129 Roebling Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 Hours: Monday through Friday- 11 am to 7 pm, Sat and Sunday 12pm to 7pm; 718.384.8729


I'll also be at New York Comic-Con, signing at the Comic News Insider Booth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Signing times TBA. The Comic News Insider booth is in the Podcast Arena


[User Picture]From: dollbite
2009-02-04 07:17 pm (UTC)
Molly are you going to be AT the Babycakes show in SF? I'm going and I'm hoping that I FINALLY get to meet you!! :)

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[User Picture]From: shrinkle
2009-02-09 06:17 pm (UTC)
Hey kitten! I saw your art in SF last Thursday and was quite impressed! I'd heard your name before, but this was my first time seeing your work in person. Just wanted to say hello and great work! :-)
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